Saturday, October 1, 2011

Rudolf home alone rocking around the christmas tree

Good evening dear fellows, I'm still on track of christmas.
It's hard doing christmas graphics while the fall weather is as pretty as it can be, almost like belated summer. Only in the mornings and evenings you can guess it's fall.
That is why I had to set a playlist with christmas songs, just for work. My husbands wrinkles on his forehead said it all... "nuts!"

Oh well, I just have to deal with being nuts... ;)

Let me tell you what was going on, but first of all I want to share something, especially with the ones that are living close to Minneapolis.
A dear friend of mine has a booth at the Zombie Pub Crawl and she's doing awesome make ups and appliances. So if you are there, make sure to visit and support her if you are able to! And say hi from me ;)
It's on October 8th (Zombie Pub Crawl Website)

Yesterday I finally was at Mösi's Flea and antique market again and guess what? I've got a looot of new boxes and other gems. He also gave an old photo album to me with pictures before 1900 I guess. I will scan some of them and some of the graphics of the album later on to share them with you but I'll need some time. Let me tell you: they are AWESOME! :)
Mösi told me to come back to visit him in a couple of days because he is clearing a very old house right now and there will be a lot of stuff I could be interested in. Of course I will! Haha!

In between all of the things I've been doing lately I did another bag for the Helena Collection. Here we go :)

And last, let's get back to the christmas songs...while listening to them I made a lot of these tags.
If you like them: you'll get them on my DaWanda Shop or, as always, you also can contact me on here.

Much love and a wonderful weekend,

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  1. OK, I have to say I agree with your husband....Christmas music!!!!! Love the purse!



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