Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Look, look what I've got!

Hey there, I was an early bird this morning and started work at seven a.m. and made quite a few more of the felt hearts. Not only felt. There are also normal cotton fabric hearts and linen, of course, in three different types.
They are all pretty glittery and just give you that christmas and winter feeling.

In the afternoon I had to get some walnut stain for the signs I planned....wooha...I planned them last spring. Hope they'll make it to the christmas market!
On the way home I decided to visit Mösi's flea and antique market and just wanted to get a few things.
Well yeah...a few things...look what I found:

haha! Little Mad Helper in the background!

And I actually can NOT believe that I did this, because I wanted to wait way longer to do it, but I just could not pass those excellent beauties!
Now I want to see your faces!!!
Look: :))))

Sorry for the bad garage-floor-and-junk-in-the-background-pictures but I first will have to figure out a suitable place to work on them. Aren't these beauties?? At least two of them are original baroque, not sure about the third one. 
Sorry, I'm just going completely nuts over them!! :D 

Now my budget is SO depleted but it was worth it a hundred times!

Have a good night. Me and myself will dream a dream about the thousand ways those three sucker punches could be done. :)

Much love, Dina

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  1. They'll be beautiful!! They have fantastic bones!

    Diane :-)

  2. Oh wow! I love them all, but the last ones with dividers in the drawer..That would keep me awake trying to figure just the right way to finish it! Can't wait to see


  3. OmiGOSH...what a SCORE!! I can just HEAR your delight!! Looking forward to seeing what magic you'll do with them!

    Deborah ♥ (visiting happily from you can stop by and say hi...)

  4. Wow I love everything what great finds. Just letting you know that I have awarded you the Liebster Blog award check it out here

  5. Love all your great finds and can't wait to see what you do with your furniture pieces! Found you via Peggy @ PJH Designs and now your newest follower!


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