Saturday, June 25, 2011

Old treasure and belated spring accessories

Some of you know that I tried to get in contact with a lovely friend of mine for a long time: Jessi from Coiffeur Phoenix in Glarus.
Right at the beginning of Mad Tea Parties she helped me out, selling some of my pieces at her coiffeur salon and she asked for more and new pieces in spring. I did a lot of new bags, purses and jewelry and we tried to get together since but it just did not happen.
Today we did it! I got a new haircut and Jessi got the new items to present at her salon. :) FINALLY!

Some weeks ago I was thinking about the first purse I ever did, remember? This one:

I thought it was kind of sad that I didn't own it anymore because I gave it to Jessi with the first load of purses to sell. I thought it would be wonderful to still have the first one I've ever made.
But when I arrived at coiffeur Phoenix I discovered that it was still there! I was so happy about this fact and I took it home with me and pinned it on the wall next to my sewing table so I can see it.
It is crappy and not well done compared to the ones I do now but it just makes me giggling every time I'm looking at it! ;)

Now Jessi got new stuff and here is a sneak peak. These are all available at coiffeur Phoenix in Glarus (Switzerland) but if you see a piece you'd like to have and you don't live that close to Glarus, just let me know and I'll see if I still got the material to redo it for you.

Love, Dina

Monday, June 6, 2011

"Katrina Van Tassel" Collection

Niiiiice weather outside! One little thunderstorm is chasing the other.
The last two days I feel like getting a lot of things done that have been neglected for so long...I didn't have much time to help my husband cleaning and keeping our household up to date and there where a lot of things I wanted to get out of the way.
So, I shifted furniture in our corridor, cleaned, decorated and threw a lot of things away that made it all crowded and just collected a lot of dust and "whool-mouses" as we say...I guess you call it dust bunnies or so. :)
It feels like coming home again in our corridor. Nice! And you actually can breath.

Finally I also got to tear down an old wooden wardrobe at my mom-in-law's. My pa-in-law once got it from a flea market and leached (is this how you say it?) it and did a nice redo of it. The wardrobe was standing in my husbands room when he was a kid and then got moved from one apartment to another and from one room to another and finally one side crashed.
My mom-in-law wanted to trash it. First I thought about another redo but since I'm not a carpenter I thought that I won't be able to do it the right way. Anyways we don't have that much of space in our house.
So I decided to take it apart all the way and to use the wood (which is just beautiful and old) to make signs out of it.
We did not know how massive the wardrobe actually was...but we figured soon.
Glad I had my husband on my side I discovered my personal limit of destructive urge.

After all of this I feel pretty comfortable to spend time at the computer now. And this enables me to get my newest collection out.
It's comforting to get out another collection of purses and jewelry between all of this rough work with chests and furniture, which I love dearly, but I guess I've just got two sides :)

Too many words... here's my Katrina Van Tassel Collection ("Monday", "Wednesday" and "Sunday") dedicated to the female character of Sleepy Hollow.

Love, Dina

"Katrina Van Tassel - Sunday"

"Katrina Van Tassel - Monday"

"Katrina Van Tassel - Wednesday"

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Chest "Farewell"

It's beautiful weather out there. The sun is shining and a storm is rising beyond the mountain tops. It makes you feel like setting off for a journey.
That is why my newest lovey is named "Farewell"

I got the chest at Mösi's flea market...where else... and it looked like this before

before (top)

before (bottom)

before (inside)

Awesome wasn't it? Some of the edges I had to nail because they where lifting.
I tried to do justice to it by using very few paint and even leaving the bottom outside almost as it was.
The brush was nearly dry so just a small amount of distressing had to be done afterwards.

For the cover inside I did a little "upholstery" using a wooden sheet, padding and a cotton fabric. I printed a very cute image I got from "" on that says which flower you give for what reason. It got sewed on before it all got glued together.
For the inside bottom I just used a wooden sheet and the same cotton fabric.

The box did not close properly and the lock was broken so I decided to just sew four ribbons glue and nail them onto the bottom and the cover. Now they just can be tied together if the chest has to stay closed. 
For decoration I used a pretty french postcard I've found on Karen's blog (the Graphics Fairy) and a cameo with a base setting, attached to it a small butterfly.

Hope you like it!
It's for sale.

Love, Dina

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Frog Box "Sweet Home"

Jewelry Box "Sweet Home"

Had a rough week so far but I was so into doing boxes that I had to finish this one today, even if I was exhausted.
Working on this jewelry box kind of fixed me and made me energetic again. I can't even tell you why I love this one so much. Maybe because of the awesome picture with the frog I found on Karen's blog (The Graphics Fairy) I get all nostalgic about? Because of the self mixed greenish egg shell paint? Because of the dotted light blue fabric? I just don't know. But I really DO love it! Maybe it makes it all together or it's just the rainy weather.
Snow covered mountaintops, rain, low temperatures, cloudy. Wonderful! :)

This is how it was looking before, when I got it at Mösi's flea and antique market. I guess it was an old cigar or tobacco box.
That's also what my mom said. She told me that her mom's aunt had boxes like this one at her restaurant. And they where filled with cigars.
I love when she's telling stories from back then!


First I thought about saving the picture on the inside of the cover but I could not remove it and I also didn't know anything about it's copyright so I decided to cover it up.

Cleaning and grinding as usual, then I mixed a greenish eggshell paint with white, green and blue furniture paint (acrylic).
Distressing and waxing also as usual.
For the cover inside I used a very light wooden sheet.
First I printed the frog image (from the Graphics Fairy) onto a light cotton fabric, sewed it onto a light blue fabric with white dots, glued lace trim and sewed shell buttons to it and then covered the wooden sheet with it.
Afterwards I glued it into the cover (the cover inside didn't get waxed).

There was "Club Sortiment" engraved on the outside of the cover. I caught that and colored it black and distressed it, glued a fabric flower and hanged a self made tag to it.
On the inside bottom I used a scrapbook sheet and glued it underneath the partitions.
Done. And proud! :))




By now I'm really exhausted and will try to catch some sleep... hope Abby won't find some flies to jump at the whole night again...

Love, Dina

P.s. Box is for sale