Saturday, June 9, 2012

Mad Tea Parties Retailer

Das Pinke Zimmer
New Mad Tea Parties Retailer!

With good news I'm coming on today and I'm really exited to let you finally know!
Almost three weeks ago Heike and Sarah of "Das Pinke Zimmer" (the pink room) in Düsseldorf (Germany) asked me for a couple of items for their boutique.
The two girls are designing and sewing dresses and I just love their style!
Since their business grew they decided to move into a bigger location and increase the product range.

Heike and Sarah of Das Pinke Zimmer painting the new location

I'm happy that Heike and Sarah decided to ask me for bags, purses and necklaces! So there's the first retailer of my products in Germany. :)
If you live close to Düsseldorf you might would like to visit the re-opening party of "Das Pinke Zimmer" on Saturday, 14th of July. (More infos here)

I'll come up with a couple of new designs and fabrics, so it'll really be worth it to visit. :)

Have a great weekend with much love,

Das Pinke Zimmer

Das Pinke Zimmer

Das Pinke Zimmer

Das Pinke Zimmer

Friday, June 1, 2012

Baroque Console

Bonjour mes amis,

it seems like I just won't get back into regular daily routine. That's ok for me but I miss blogging a lot!
For today I would like to show off with my newest darling furniture: my baroque console.

Some of you might remember that I got it waaay back in time... :D Mösi's flea market, where it looked like this:

I had a hard time deciding if it should stay just the way it was, or if it should get a new color...and if so, which one.
I clinched it would be plain ASCP old white, that's it.
Here we go :)


Ya know, I'm proud! :D
If you live nearby and if you're interested in possessing this little piece, it is for sale.

Much love and have a great weekend!

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