Sunday, September 18, 2011

Helena Bonham Carter and the Rockabillies

Good Sunday evening to all of you, I hope you had such a wonderful fall weekend like I did. It is cold, stormy and wet since yesterday and our house smells of cinnamon, vanilla and coffee. Can it get any better?
Since it is fall my creative energy goes nuts and I can't help myself working even if it's weekend.
So I finally started on the "Helena" collection which I was shoveling around in my head for such a long time. In my opinion it fits fall pretty well.
This collection is inspired by Helena Bonham Carter (great actress and beloved fiancé of even more beloved Tim Burton). It's the first part and there will be many more of them.
Originally I thought about doing a collection for some of the characters she played such as "Miss Lovett" in Sweeney Todd or "Bellatrix" in Harry Potter. But my point of view is that Helena herself is such an interesting woman with a unique style which made me come up with "just" a plane "Helena" collection.

Ok, I guess you all got that I'm totally in love with her ;) So here's the first part of the collection:

And next to it I finally, finally finished the second part of the Rockabilly collection (The new Generation)
Here we go:


If you are interested in one of the pieces feel free to contact me on here or on Facebook
For now I will cook a great sunday's fall dinner and just be happy livin' :)

Much love to all of you,


  1. You are sooooo talented!!! These are gorgeous! Your fabric choices are so great!


  2. Dina! so beautiful! I love the dice necklace with the skull !

  3. Did you make these? Wow, they are cool!

  4. Hey KristiB! :) Yes, this is actually how I started...sewing purses.
    Thank you!


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