Thursday, October 13, 2011

Book Page Cone Bundles for Christmas

Christmas Book Page Cone Bundles

It's all about preparing for christmas and christmas market these days and I really need some time to calm down, for I was in a rush all day for the last few weeks, hopping between my other jobs and Mad Tea Parties. So I'm slightly over worked.
The idea of posting another tutorial was a friendly thought and off I was, making and preparing pictures to show you how to make these cute cones out of old book pages.

First of all you need an old book. I prefer really old books that even have the old script, stains and natural darkened vignettes.

Roll three, or five, cones. It's always better to use odd numbers in decorations. I used three on this.

It's better to use odd numbers in decorations.

You can roll the cones as you prefer, there are many ways. Just make sure you glue the ends so the cones will stay cones.

Then glue one cone to another and the third one on top. I did not glue them in one line because it looks less straight.

Original old lace trim fits so well on this but I did not have as much as I needed for all of the bundles, so I ended up on using new lace trim as well. Both looks fine but the original old lace makes it...old. :)
You might want to use a little glue to fix the lace so it won't slip towards the points of the cones.

Now to make the decoration richer, because that is what's mostly wanted on christmas, you can add some flowers, leaves, stars, snowflakes... I used these stunning flowers which I found in "Papierwelt", a scrap-booker's paradise. 

Those flowers are kind of expensive but so worth the money when you see the effect of them.

You can place the item of your choice where ever you feel like. I glued it right next to the lace trim on one side. You even can glue items to both sides or to the top. Use as much decoration as you like. It's all about taste.

If you feel like you also can add some glitter, which is what I basically do with everything that will attend christmas ;)
You can use glitter-glue or loose glitter, flitter, shapes, flakes, what ever sparkles and catches the light.
I used loose glitter on this because it sparkles brighter than glitter glue.
For loose glitter just add some glue where ever you want, I did on the edges of the cones.

Then you can either pour the glitter onto the glue which maybe will make you loose a lot of glitter, but you can catch it with a paper underneath your work and safe it, or you can dip the cones. I'm kind of doing both techniques.

And in the end you, at least (!), have to look like this. Otherwise you missed the christmas preparing spirit... weeehee ;)

So I hope all of you will be able to preserve plums now...

For now I will head for some more shopping and afterwards get back to my glittery atelier.
By the way, I FINALLY, found a distributor of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint here (!!) and I ordered a lot of milk paint and wax to make my boxes and chests and hopefully another furniture soon!

Stay tuned if you wish!

Much love and choccolat-cinnamon-apple-glitter-cookie-fireplace-spirit to you


  1. Love these! Thanks for the tutorial. I'm now following you. Hope you'll hop over to Moonbeams and Fireflies and take a look.

  2. That is just so BRILLIANT!


  3. Oh they are sooo cute, I love the flower you added, yep it is worth it they look great


  4. Wow, das isch ja wunderschön, und ä super Aaleitig Dina! Verstuh immer no nüd soviel Änglisch, drum tuäni eifach dini Bilder bestuunä ;-)) es lohnt sich immer wieder! glg

  5. :) Ja, bi dem langet d Bilder zums nachämachä. Ich cha Dir sust d Aläitigä au albigs uf Düütsch per E-Mail schiggä. Muäsch mer nu sägä weli :)

  6. Gugguseli, stell dr vor, das isch gar nüd nötig! Dini Bilderaaleitigä sind wältklass, au diä mit dä Spitzä aaneiä imnä nächstä post....genial Dina!!!

  7. Danggä viil viil mal Claudia!! :))

  8. Very nice. I'd like to get the flowers but my German is non-extistant {I did live in Bermerhaven for 3 years as a child, though.} Also, how did you do the payments?

  9. Maybe you'll find some here:

    I got mine at a local scrapbook store


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