Monday, September 5, 2011

Preparing for Christmas Market

Never wanted to start a blog entry with "long time, no see" but I guess that's best to start today.
There was SO much going on in my life, good things but also not so good things.
A lot of health issues where bothering me over the last few months and I also had to recover from an absolutely awesome week with a friend of mine from Minnesota who visited me here in Liechtenstein.

Back to business, I was working on the second Rockabilly Collection (New Generation) which in my opinion will be a good one, came up with other new future collections AND did massive preparing for the christmas market.
I'm not sure yet if they will let me participate but I will know soon.

Do you remember me telling you about sledges I got at Mösi's?  I planned on showing you "before" and "after" and I remember taking pictures before I started on the remake but I accidentally can't find them anymore.
Quick description: the crib was a dark brown-red, just like the wooden handle which I also liked but I wanted to lighten it up a little. The Inside was black.

Now it looks like this:

Redone Puppet Sledge for Christmas Market

I took the crib off of the frame, sprayed it white matt, used Mod Podge to glue and finish the sheet of music around the handle (which was a real old sheet of music with a piece written for violin and piano on it) and adjusted three chains with rusty snowflakes and bells on the front.
I cut a greenish piece of fabric with little flowers to the size of the crib inside and used also Mod Podge (I love that stuff!! We just can't get it around here...) to glue and finish the inside of the crib.
Also I sewed a piece of white felt to go with it as a small blanket.

It didn't take me very long to do this and it was loads of fun!

The second sledge I did is a "real" one you even still could ride. Actually I thought of it to be just a decorative item but I made sure it still can be ridden (I used out door Mod Podge on this in case it will get wet).

Redone Sledge for Christmas Market

Redone Sledge for Christmas Market
The seat got grinded with sandpaper, cleaned and painted in cream white (on oil base). Then I used the rest of the music sheet and two graphics from Karen "The Graphics Fairy" and glued and finished it with three thin coats of outdoor Mode Podge. For a neat finish I glued a white lace band around the front and attached four rusty bells and a rusty snowflake.
Here also I sewed a felt blanket with another four vintage graphics on it to go with it for decoration or just for a cosy feeling. :)

Hope you like it! Wishing you a great and energetic week with love,


  1. Don't worry about how often you blog, it is fun, but real life is much more important! I live in Florida now, but I am originally from Minnesota. I love your projects, i learn something everyday, I had know Idea that outdoor mod podge existed!


  2. Great, I love your sledges, so vintage and beautiful:-)
    Hugs, Biljana

  3. The sleds are beautiful!


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