Saturday, June 25, 2011

Old treasure and belated spring accessories

Some of you know that I tried to get in contact with a lovely friend of mine for a long time: Jessi from Coiffeur Phoenix in Glarus.
Right at the beginning of Mad Tea Parties she helped me out, selling some of my pieces at her coiffeur salon and she asked for more and new pieces in spring. I did a lot of new bags, purses and jewelry and we tried to get together since but it just did not happen.
Today we did it! I got a new haircut and Jessi got the new items to present at her salon. :) FINALLY!

Some weeks ago I was thinking about the first purse I ever did, remember? This one:

I thought it was kind of sad that I didn't own it anymore because I gave it to Jessi with the first load of purses to sell. I thought it would be wonderful to still have the first one I've ever made.
But when I arrived at coiffeur Phoenix I discovered that it was still there! I was so happy about this fact and I took it home with me and pinned it on the wall next to my sewing table so I can see it.
It is crappy and not well done compared to the ones I do now but it just makes me giggling every time I'm looking at it! ;)

Now Jessi got new stuff and here is a sneak peak. These are all available at coiffeur Phoenix in Glarus (Switzerland) but if you see a piece you'd like to have and you don't live that close to Glarus, just let me know and I'll see if I still got the material to redo it for you.

Love, Dina


  1. I think your purses are just gorgeous, so glad you got your first one back. When you make something the first time you always think it is fabulous, then when you get down the road and make many more we are never happy with our first, but it has a place in our hearts


  2. Thank you Carol! :)
    You said it just the right way. That's exactly how it is. I was so proud when I finished the first one and I thought that I moved mountains but when I was looking at it yesterday I thought...what the hook...? :D

  3. Interesting site. Nice to visit here!

  4. wow, schöne sachen hast du da!!!! <3 <3
    liebe Grüsse
    Frohlein Zart


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