Monday, September 12, 2011

In need of old Boxes...and Mondays

This may be unusual for a lot of you to read on a Monday but oh how I loved to go back to work this morning! I hardly could resist on getting back to my atelier this weekend but my Mom and my husband kept me busy on getting things done in the house and on relaxing. Although my thoughts where keeping me busy on what I could work on next.

I will show you what made me feel so good, for it where some of the last few things I finished on Friday.

First of all there is another box and for those of you who didn't read some of my older posts: I'm in love with old boxes but these days I'm running out of them. I don't know what's the matter with my "before" pictures lately but I keep loosing them...sorry for that!

Before, the box was in a dark brown. That's it. :)
And here is my redo of it.

I painted it white matt while the brush was almost dry. This made the original dark brown shine through which, in my opinion, gives it a neat finish. Afterwards I aged the paint using sandpaper on the edges.
On the inside I did a small upholstery with a striped fabric on which I sewed on an image I found on Karen's blog The Graphics Fairy. It is an old sign of a french corset label and I love the style of the letters!

On the outside I "Mode Podged" some the rest of the graphic onto the wood.

There was a lot of leftovers of the fabric the corset label image was printed on and I don't like to trash leftovers. So something I've seen somewhere on another blog (I can't remember which one, otherwise I sure would give credits to the girl!!) popped into my mind but I did not want to just copy it. I've seen small fabric squares with stamps on them and I thought it would be kind of neat to have them as tags.
So I ripped the fabric leftovers apart, stamped them and eyed them. This is a fast and easy way to make unique and cute little tags on your own. And this is how they look like:

So these are some of the last things I did on Friday and I hope being able to show you all of the other things I did. I might won't be able to explain all of the processes the items have been through because I'm afraid it will get boring but I will pick out some of the interesting ones.

Much love and... gotta love Mondays!!! :)

The Graphics Fairy


  1. Such a sweet little box! I love the rustic look and feel!


  2. ujjjj, äs träumli in wiiss!!!! wunderschön!

  3. Thank you Jeanine! :)

    Danggä Claudia! :)

  4. The tags are sooooo cleaver!! Great job on the box, I have been on a box streak too!


  5. Beautiful makeover! And that box is just divine!


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