Monday, September 19, 2011

Mirror, Mirror, Frame, Frame

Snow got close this night, in fact, the mountain tops are covered with thick layers of brightest white. If I wouldn't be in need of a fall feeling to get some of my collections done, I would dig out my winter decoration and cookie cutters and sprinkle flour all over my kitchen while listening to the christmas bells ringing.
Back to reality... I'm on the way to catch a cold. My throat hurts and my eyes are burning, so I decided to keep the fire low today.

This is a good moment to catch up on some of the things I did during the last two or three weeks.

First of all (some of you might have been seeing these on FB already) I finally was working on some old window frames I got months ago at a flea and antique market. I payed way too much for them, but it was the first time I was on such a market and I did not know that there are price ranges that can be beaten down.
I'm such a redneck...

Anyways. Here is the first one (guess what, I can't find the before pictures...thaaah).
I buffed the back of the mirror, which was a real dusty story, cleaned it very good, and used Mode Podge to glue the graphics onto the mirrors.
The images I've found on Karen's Blog (The Graphics Fairy).

I painted the frame in a matt white and distressed the edges just a little so it wouldn't get to "nervous" and added some little details here and there.

Sorry for I could not escape the mirror on the picture...

The second one I did was a "plane" window frame I painted and distressed the same way I did on the mirror frame.
I also used Mod Podge to add some scrap book paper to the frame, added a little lace, and some other details. I thought this one was screaming for a watch and since I had this heavy pocket watch which I did not use for a while I figured this would be the perfect purpose to use it.

And the last one I did (I actually DID find a before picture!) I kept very lightly.
On this one I had to do major cleaning, repairing and buffing because the wood was kind of "mushy" and almost falling apart. While painting the brush was almost dry and I added very few, light details, such as a stamped rag I mentioned in some older posting.

I love the hinges on this one! (Sorry for I did not get a better picture of it.)




Those three I will safe for my booth at the christmas market.

To not get too long of a post I will split them into two, so if you are interested in some more things I did, go for the next post also ;)

Much love and a great week to all of you,

The Graphics Fairy


  1. Really like these mainly because they are different . You did a great job!

  2. I realy like these. I just accquired 14 old windows with small panes. You have given me some wonderful ideas! Thank you for sharring!


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