Monday, June 6, 2011

"Katrina Van Tassel" Collection

Niiiiice weather outside! One little thunderstorm is chasing the other.
The last two days I feel like getting a lot of things done that have been neglected for so long...I didn't have much time to help my husband cleaning and keeping our household up to date and there where a lot of things I wanted to get out of the way.
So, I shifted furniture in our corridor, cleaned, decorated and threw a lot of things away that made it all crowded and just collected a lot of dust and "whool-mouses" as we say...I guess you call it dust bunnies or so. :)
It feels like coming home again in our corridor. Nice! And you actually can breath.

Finally I also got to tear down an old wooden wardrobe at my mom-in-law's. My pa-in-law once got it from a flea market and leached (is this how you say it?) it and did a nice redo of it. The wardrobe was standing in my husbands room when he was a kid and then got moved from one apartment to another and from one room to another and finally one side crashed.
My mom-in-law wanted to trash it. First I thought about another redo but since I'm not a carpenter I thought that I won't be able to do it the right way. Anyways we don't have that much of space in our house.
So I decided to take it apart all the way and to use the wood (which is just beautiful and old) to make signs out of it.
We did not know how massive the wardrobe actually was...but we figured soon.
Glad I had my husband on my side I discovered my personal limit of destructive urge.

After all of this I feel pretty comfortable to spend time at the computer now. And this enables me to get my newest collection out.
It's comforting to get out another collection of purses and jewelry between all of this rough work with chests and furniture, which I love dearly, but I guess I've just got two sides :)

Too many words... here's my Katrina Van Tassel Collection ("Monday", "Wednesday" and "Sunday") dedicated to the female character of Sleepy Hollow.

Love, Dina

"Katrina Van Tassel - Sunday"

"Katrina Van Tassel - Monday"

"Katrina Van Tassel - Wednesday"


  1. They are all so beautiful, just gorgeous. Thanks so much for visiting. Your blog is lovely.

  2. Dina, what beautiful purses and fabric! I hope you will show us the signs when you make them from your husbands wardrobe.



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