Monday, August 20, 2012

Paloma Wipe Off

First of all: THANKS SO MUCH! to Courtney of A Diamond in the Stuff for featuring me on her Time to Shine Link Party! And a big thank you to all of you who visited my link and made it the most viewed of that party!!

"Summer" is back driving us crazy with it's heat!! The best to do: Either don't move or...don't move!
Unfortunately I can't do so but I try not to get too active.

Finally I managed to order some more of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and first of all I had to try out Paloma. This is a color with a great shade which changes from warm to cold depending on it's environment and ground.
I wanted to try another painting technique which I've seen on the Annie Sloan page and on several blogs, including Marian's Miss Mustardseed. Both of them explain it well and there are different ways to do it and that is why I won't get too much into details.

Another reason for using this technique is that I discovered the great wood of this chest while sanding and I wanted it to be seen.

I covered the surface with the paint and wiped off all the excess.

If you do it immediately after painting you'll get off most of the color. If that's too much coming off, you just let it dry a little bit and wipe the color off a little later.
You can play with that and it's so easy and fun!

Afterwards I printed two graphics of Karen's Blog The Graphics Fairy onto a white cotton fabric. There also are enough of tutorials where you can read how to do this. If you still would like to know, I surely can make a tutorial on this! Just let me know.

I used Mod Podge to glue one of the graphics to the cover and brushed another layer of it onto the fabric for protection. Be careful not to rub off the image with the Mod Podge.
Let it dry and THEN wax the piece but be careful around the fabric.

On the inside I did a little upholstery with the bird graphic sewed onto the fabric.

Done :)

Much love, Dina

The Graphics Fairy
A Diamond in the Stuff

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  1. Oh I love it, I love the paint and the technique you used...I', the last person in the blog world that has not tried chalk paint!!!



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