Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My Fair Summer

It's been a while...again.
Life is crazy right now!
A load of my clutches, purses and necklaces arrived in Düsseldorf two days before the re-opening party of "Das Pinke Zimmer" and I thought that's it for a I had to hurry up for the next market date was close and I hardly got done, but I got done :)
The market in Zug (Switzerland) was a great experience although the weather was slightly humid and the visitors rare. But I've met a lot of beautiful and interesting human beings and had a lovely helper by my side!
For the last two hours the sun came up and we enjoyed some more visitors.

Even these two "guys" got soaking wet

My booth

Our direct view from the market

Cleaning up

Afterwards I caught a big, fat cold and my husband had to get surgery on his back, so I was home alone with two grumpy dogs, missing Oliver and dealing with all of it by myself.
I could not work on anything but on a little bit of cleaning.

These days I often have a quick look at my atelier and all the new fabrics lingering for me. I hardly can wait until my head, throat and lungs are getting free of all of go back to this new material waiting.
I also already have my mind set on christmas and the christmas markets but first I'd just enjoy this wonderful summer weather! It's exactly the temperature I prefer for this time of the year (not too hot!). I'll lay back, at least a little, before I have to make decisions, cut some strings, open new doors and live up to all of the new things that will come.

Much love, Dina


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