Thursday, November 3, 2011

Jewelry Dresser

Today was kind of awful and I'm glad the day is over. But let me show you what I did yesterday.
Some days ago I received my first Annie Sloan Chalk Paint but didn't find time to try it out. Yesterday I did!
I had this neat little jewelry dresser from Mösi's and prepared it to be painted.


I used old white on the body and old ochre on the drawers. I was SO thrilled about the paint!! It's so different than anything I ever used and it's awesome to paint with it!
The "thing" happened when I applied my "wax-you-get-at-any-DIY-store"... suddenly a orangy-yellow appeared on the paint. Somehow this wax was not as translucent as it said.
I ended up telling myself that a little patina wasn't too bad but somehow I still got that shiny old white in my head it had before the waxing.
My husband likes it a lot this way, so I guess it will be ok to leave it as it turned out.

For the inside of the drawers I used a japanese linen (50% cotton, 50% linen).

I also tried out the duck egg blue and was in awe while looking at the painted piece! But I'll have to show you this later.

I'll have a very busy weekend including Friday, so it may get a little quiet on here...

Have a great and creative weekend,



  1. Love it great job Dina! Don't you just love the look and feel of the chalk paint? Have a great weekend.

  2. Thank you Peggy!
    Yes!! I do! :)
    You too have a great weekend

  3. Beautifully done! I really like how you lined the drawers...kicks it up a notch for sure...

    Deborah (visiting happily from you'll drop by too)

  4. jessessau isch das härzig!!! suuuper!

  5. Lovely done, thanks for sharing your creativity with beds company


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