Saturday, May 14, 2011

Bedside Tabels Makeover Part 2

Way too long a go I posted about the bedside tables (Makeover Part 1).
The knobs arrived two days later but I just did not get to finish these two little sucker-punches. ;)

Well here is part 2.
The paint of part one dried properly and I started out doing a little distressing on the edges first using a steal brush and afterwards a sandpaper (nr 120)... sorry for my hands are distressed too...

Then I cleaned the dust and the splinters of the paint as always with a vacuum cleaner and a dust cloth.
If the surface is clean and dry you can start to decorate.
I did some decoration before and after waxing. Anything that has to be glued and painted on I did before waxing.

Now this is a cool thing I want to share with you! I got these beautiful and neat metal findings from Dime Store Emporium that are oxidized by hand and glued them onto the front edges and the front door.

Also I glued some pretty cute lace with shell buttons on it on the front of the drawer

I thought that it would be cool to paint some vines on the front too, so I mixed acrylic paint in the same greenish color as the metal findings are.
After the paint was dry I noticed that the holes of the old knobs where not in the middle of the drawer and the front! Custom and handmade furniture with non measured holes??
What to do now? My vines where looking pretty crooked.
So: NEVER rely on the carpenter that was measuring the holes before you checked on them... ;P

I did the laziest thing I ever could do.
NEVER do the laziest you can possibly do...but sometimes it's the best thing! ;)
I did so.
The paint was dry and I just added some more vines to the left and the right, they made no sense by the way but I knew what I was going for...
Afterwards I did a massive amount of distressing with sandpaper and pretended that half of the vines vanished throughout the years.

For a smooth finish I applied one layer of clear liquid furniture wax with a towel. Take care of the glued on items by leaving a little space around them while waxing. 
I made new holes for my pretty furniture knobs and shortened the screws with a metal saw.

Because I thought it would look neat I distressed some gift tags with distressing ink and glued a rusty heart on each of them and bound them with a thread on the lace.


These two bedside tables are for sale and available on Mad Tea Parties
If they won't show up in the shop please check later on it again.
Unfortunately they have to be picked up in Vaduz (Liechtenstein) because I can't handle to bill the postage to you... sorry for that!!



  1. Your table makeover is lovely! I like that you added unexpected elements. I see you are in Liechtenstein -- I have friends who will be visiting their families there this summer. It looks like a beautiful place.

  2. Beautifully done too!!
    Been to Switzerland, Luxemborg, Germany but not there. Gorgeous Country!

  3. Thank both of you! :)
    This was my first furniture project but I hope for many more! Hopefully with less unexpected elements! ;P

    Yes it is quite beautiful here! Just like Switzerland :)

  4. Great project, I love it, absolutely beautiful:-)
    Greetings from Biljana


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