Wednesday, May 4, 2011

About me

Hi there! :)

I NEVER wanted to create my own blog.
Well now I'm here trying to get use to all of these functions and gadgets and I have to admit once more: I'm not a computer person at all!

I'm Dina, married and I'm living with my husband, our border collie "Abigail" and our cat "Nala" in Vaduz (Liechtenstein) and we are a real bunch of artists.
Abby is our newest family member. We got her in the middle of April with eight months.
I fell in love with her the first second I saw her and so did my husband.

Abigail "Abster"

I was born in Switzerland what may excuse my "school"-English although I was living in the state of Minnesota for almost one year... my English got worse since I didn't use it much over the past few years but I'm trying to get into it again.

Actually I've learned the job of a hairdresser but stopped it right after finishing education. Guess that wasn't what I was really up for.
I got into music by singing and composing and with it back to my favorite hobby: being creative in so many ways... I started over again with drawing and painting, started with collaging, graphics, filming, photographing and soon sewing and some crafts projects where following.
This is how I one fine day got to "Mad Tea Parties".

Besides all this creative stuff I've been drawn to old things, books, listening to music, watching a good movie, going for walks and training with Abby and all of this with a good cup of coffee  :)
I love snow, thunderstorms, paragliding, nature and my little but beautiful garden.

So this is about it for now. I hope you'll have a good time reading my posts and I hope they'll turn out interesting and/or useful. ;)

Love, Dina