Wednesday, May 4, 2011

About Mad Tea Parties

Some would name the month of November grey but my guess is that this month is offering an abundance of inspiration in many ways. You just have to listen to it. This is how the idea of "Mad Tea Parties" was born on a grey November day.

I started out with the idea of sewing frame purses such as clutches but starting with nothing but the idea in my head was disillusioning! I trashed a lot of tries but I got closer and closer!
This would be the moment to post a picture of my first few tries but I guess it would get too embarrassing! hehe
Besides I started out making little brooches and hair clips out of small rosettes and meshes of fabric leftovers. It was a lot of fun because I used the naked hair clips left of my hairdresser years. Don't worry; I've never used them in three years so they are new and in great shape ;)

After a while and a lot of research I made the first useable and good looking frame purse and I think it got really neat, didn't it?

First usable frame purse
The purses got better and better and I started to use a lot of different pattern and frame sizes and next to it I started out making jewelry.
Then I made my first pattern for a handbag with handles and fitting purses with the same fabric, so the first collections where born.

Some months later I saw these beautiful and old bedside tables that where about to get trashed and since I'm in love with shabby chic and similar styles I adopted them to be my guinea pigs.

And this is how Mad Tea Parties developed and grew and I'm proud of every single piece I've made so far!
Also I'm very thankful for Jessi at Coiffeur "Phoenix" in Glarus (Switzerland) and Cati at Piercinstudio "Beauty of Pain" in Triesen (Liechtenstein) for selling some of my collections and pieces!

So I hope for a lot of new projects, ideas and new pieces and hope you'll also find something interesting on my blog or in my little shop on Mad Tea Parties.


  1. Hello Dina, from Texas! Nice to meet you...You have a wonderful Blog! It's always nice to be able to learn How to do things the correct way! Love the end table...Can't wait for more lessons.
    I think I also love Abigail!Lolol....She's a cutie!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. PS- Thank you for following me! I am also following you!


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