Monday, March 18, 2013

Buckets full of Frogs

Good Monday to all of you! Don't you just love Mondays? I do!
This morning when I was driving up to the woods to go out with the dogs, I drove by various people. Some of them where taking their dogs out, some of them where out for a walk, a run or on the way to work. Usually I have a smile on my face in the morning especially when I see other people and so I did this morning. You know what? Not a single one of them smiled back at me. They all had a stone sour look on their face. Why? I don't know! I love Mondays, I love mornings, I like other people...because I love my life. How about you?

These buckets I've found a wile ago where calling me last week. I love the rust on them and the worn look they have. I used some fun frog and flower graphics of The Graphics Fairy's Blog and a french label for the small milk bucket, Mod Podge, added some lace, rusty keys and some tags, done.
I posted a tutorial here.

Actually I wanted to decorate them with spring flowers or twigs but last week snow came back, so it was too early for them to bloom. I hope you still like them.

Much love, Dina

The Graphics Fairy


  1. I love your buckets and the graphics! And I love everyday too...It was not always like that, when I was working I hated Mondays and always envied the people walking their dogs while I was on the way to work...Guess what now I am that person!


  2. Deine Gefässe sehen alle super aus!
    Auf so eine Idee muss frau erst mal kommen.....

    Auch ich liebe Montage und ich bin eh ein Früh - Aufsteher, also wirklich früh!
    Was ich bis 14 Uhr nicht erledigt habe passiert an diesem Tag nicht mehr.....
    Das mit dem lächeln kenne ich. Ich mach das oft in der Stadt und amüsiere mich köstlich über all die Menschen die nicht wissen wie sie mit einem entgegengebrachten lächeln umgehen sollen.....
    So sind wir verschieden.



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