Thursday, February 9, 2012

What a month! So many ideas!

Hello fair Ladies!
So much time went by since my last post and I wonder where it went, because I haven't seen it...
There are a lot of news and some changes too but I will just post the important ones and hope I won't forget to mention anything!
I finally managed it to make the first part of my Dark Edition which I planned on for such a long time.
The full Collection is for sale in my shops on DaWanda and Guzuu.

Actually I wanted to start right on with the second part of it, which will rather be a little more of the romantic gothic style, but I was struggling and felt that I'm kind of full of this direction for a while.
So I started on another vintage collection and just came up with whatever I felt drawn to.
And this is it. They are also available on DaWanda and soon on Guzuu too. Gotta be quick this time because some of these pieces I'll not reproduce.

And here are the latest pieces I came up with.
Next to these I felt that I will have to reorganize my Home Page again because of all of these directions my mind is flowing in...

I'll soon be back for more because you know, there is some pretty furniture waiting to be redone, a lot of antique things need a new home and my mind is flowing and flowing...
And there are so many great blogs of yours to visit too!

Much love!


  1. molto belle, mi piace moltissimo quel cavallo a dondolo!! buiona domenica....ciao

    1. grazie Giancarlo! :) ->

  2. Hi again, Love your purses the first two are fabulous and the necklaces. I am a lover of cameos, so pretty



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