Wednesday, December 14, 2011

And time went by

Back to "normal" again. The Christmas Market is over and I've got a bunch of impressions. I've learned so much, thanks to my booth neighbor Mara and my costumers and visitors!
The market went well, we had nice weather, lots of visitors and my husband brought me a can of coffee per day and I sold a lot of cool things. What can I ask for more?

The only misfortune was our car not willing to start on day two. So I had to bridge it twice. Once at home while being late anyways and once at the market while still being the end of the market not even the bridging did help. It was dead.
Well, we changed battery yesterday and my nightmare of trashing our car did not come true. :)

Here are some photos of my booth. I loved it dearly and I think that I will participate on more markets. I had such a great time!!

A big thank you to everybody that supported me kindly!!

Me doing funny faces...

cleaning up

I also found out that the date my homepage went online is 11.december.2010 and the first day of my first market is 11.december.2011
It was so fun to look back. Great memories, great times! :)

Much love,

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