Thursday, November 28, 2013

Back on Track

Good Morning World,

it's been a while!
I'm back with some impressions of new products I'll be presenting and selling at the christmas Market in Sargans (Switzerland).
Unfortunately I wasn't able to realize all of the projects my busy brain came up with this year but I'll give my best to catch up!

I also was working on a lot of furniture but I haven't been able to take reasonable photographs due to a huge mess taking over. BUT getting there step by step. ;)

Here we go...

Much love!

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  1. Hej DINA,
    ich habe mir schon richtig Sorgen gemacht!!
    Schön das Du noch bei uns bist.
    Sag mal ist der Handmade Markt in St.Gallen schon vorbei? Ich glaub schon, gell....


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