Wednesday, March 27, 2013

So many good things

Good Wednesday everyone!
Snow came back for another two days but I seem to be the only one liking it.
It's all so cozy inside and I love to look at the snow on the branches in front of our windows.

I'd like to share some great things with you that happened over the past few weeks.
First of all I was featured TWICE this week! Once by Amber and Brad of Shades of Amber with my Olive Table redo.
And once by Danielle of Finding Silver Pennies with my Louis Philippe Table redo.
Thank you so much!! I feel very honored!

Second I'd like to share that I'm working with two new retailers.
I'm currently working on steampunk, gothic and rockabilly accessories for Michèle at Michèle has a cool online shop and is participating at markets. She's selling products from various manufacturers, all handmade.
And also I'm working on a load of mixed products (mainly vintage and shabby chic) for Rebekka and Christiane at "Macherai" in Felsberg (Chur). Die Macherai is such a neat and wonderful store where you also find handmade products of various people. I'm so in love with it and I'm sure a lot of people will like the atmosphere!

And last but really not least: Last Saturday I participated at the trunk show in Schaffhausen (Switzerland). It was such a neat market, so many great people and organized with so much love.
Unfortunately the pictures I took are all blurry but I have to post at least two to three.

Have a nice day with much love,


  1. Ich gratuliere Dir ganz herzlich zu all Deine Erfolge!
    Du bist ja richtig international....:-00 Suuper!
    Danke für die Fotos vom Koffermarkt.


  2. Sounds like you have a lot of great opportunities ahead of you!
    Thank you for stopping by and your sweet comments.
    Mary Alice


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